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SAP is a proud sponsor of the 27-time World Champion New York Yankees. The New York Yankees commitment to being the best but always striving to run better, parallels SAP's core values. All season long we will are privileged to have guest blogger and legendary Yankee and Hall of Famer, Reggie Jackson. He will take us beyond the numbers and show us how we can interpret the stats and data that are used to measure the team's performance.

Join us here for bi-monthly posts by Mr. October and others as we look "Beyond the Numbers".

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Reggie Jackson

  • During a 21-year baseball career spanning from 1967 - 1987, Reginald Martinez Jackson played for four different teams: the Oakland Athletics, the New York Yankees, the Baltimore Orioles and the California (now Anaheim) Angels.

    He remains among baseball's all-time home run leaders, helping the Oakland Athletics to win three consecutive World Series titles in the early 1970s and also helping the New Yankees to win two consecutive titles in the late 1970s. He is perhaps best remembered for hitting three consecutive home runs off of three different pitchers in the clinching game of the 1977 World Series against the Dodgers. His clutch playoff performances earned him the nickname "Mr October".

    In retirement, Jackson has done some acting and is co-owner of a NASCAR racing team. He is also the founder of the Mr October Foundation for Kids, which aims to enhance the educational opportunities of underprivileged children. His jerseys have been retired by the New York Yankees (#44) and Oakland Athletics (#9). In 1993, Jackson was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame and currently serves as a special advisor to the New York Yankees.

Aleah Saunders

  • Aleah Noelle Saunders is a researcher at CBS Sports Network and an avid sports fan. A graduate of Fordham University in 2011, Aleah majored in Communications and Media Studies with a concentration in journalism.

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